Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Rise and Falls of Britney Spears

The next few weeks will be a hectic and exciting time for Ms. Spears. With her documentary set to air on November 30th and her Album to be realeased December 2nd Britney fans all over are sure to be filled with anticipation. Some of this anticipation has been lost however due to the leak of songs from the album however Britneys true fans will support her by purchasing the album.

With all this buzz surrounding her new album I can't help but think about her last album which I heard far less about prior to its release. Britneys last album was by far her best. Never before have I found an album where all the songs were amazing. The album sales were pitiful compared to the quality of the compilation of songs. Now that Britneys image as a pop princess has been restored I have heard so much hype over her new album release. I find it very dissapointing that people base their album purchasing so much on the image of the artist rather than on the quality of the music. People really didn't give her last album a chance and they really missed out!

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Stephanie Colvert said...

They did miss out.. I loved Britney's last album. It was better than her others.